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Valuate.Info isn't your normal appraisal service, as we do not deal in goods at all. Instead, we deal with intellectual properties such as brand names, Trademarks, Service Marks, domain names, websites and digital art.

If you would be interested in what your intellectual property is worth, Valuate.Info would be glad to help, for a nominal fee to cover our time researching the subject so that we can come up with a reasonable and realistic valuation of your property, or an intellectual property that you are considering purchasing.

Valuation appraisals make the exchange of cyber data and intellectual properties a little easier to bear in determining a fair price and going ahead with a sale or purchase, or in simply understanding the value of your asset(s).


Me?  I am Douglas Peters, and I have been in the website branding, logo design, graphic design and site development game since 1996, and the owner and designer of Symbiotic Design since 1997. I then expanded my design reach with website hosting to complement my web design offers.  In 2002, I expanded my web hosting services with domain name registrations through W3 Domain Names.  Soon after, I started researching them as brands and intellectual properties.  Eventually, I became a full-fledged domainer, evaluating, speculating and investing in domain names as valuable brands and intellectual properties.

After 20 years of creating, promoting, managing and protecting brands and other intellectual properties, I am now offering these same services to the English-speaking public.

If you would be interested in my services, do not hesitate to contact me...

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